How We Chose Our Priorities

Safe Communities Port Colborne Priority Setting Overview

Safe Communities Port Colborne formed its Leadership Table in May 2008, bringing together a key group of organizations to begin the designation planning process.

One of its first tasks was to begin the planning for the Priority Setting Exercise. Several members of the Leadership Table played a key role in the planning and coordination of the event, including Port Colborne Fire Department, Port Colborne/Wainfleet Healthy Lifestyles Coalition, City of Port Colborne, and Niagara Region Public Health and our facilitator Mr. Cecil Vincent, former CAO of the City of Port Colborne. 

Logistical planning included obtaining local data on injuries through Niagara Region Public Health and having them create the necessary spreadsheet templates for the event; the development of all necessary questions and worksheets for participants; the creation of an broad invitation list (created into a spreadsheet, recorded name, address, phone, and e-mail – list available); the mailing of letters of invitation and many follow phone calls and e-mails to ensure a higher participation rate; two newspaper advertisements with a general letter of invitation; and the coordination of all “day of” materials such as name tags, table tents, table assignments, worksheets, master registration list, thank you cards & gifts, catering arrangements, etc. Safe Communities Port Colborne funded the event.

Table captains were recruited and a few meetings were held to review their duties and expectations. A total of eight table captains were recruited and an extra two were available on stand-by. In total, 209 organizations were included on the initial letter of invitation, 51 people registered for the Safe Communities Port Colborne Priority Setting Event, and 48 participated. Mr. Ron Waldie and Mr. Barry King from Safe Communities Canada were also in attendance. We assigned seating at eight tables to ensure that each table had a mix of experiences and backgrounds.

Lori Kleinsmith and Tom Cartwright, Leadership Table co-chairs, opened the event with welcoming remarks and a review of the agenda, as well as a summary of progress to date and potential next steps. Ron Waldie of Safe Communities Canada provided greetings and words of encouragement. Cecil Vincent facilitated the day and kept the agenda to the timeline. Lori Kleinsmith explained the process and table exercises, while Christina Bradley, Niagara Region Public Health, presented the statistics for Port Colborne residents based on our eight selected injury categories, including deaths, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, average length of stay, and potential years of life lost for the leading injury causes in Port Colborne. A catered lunch, including salads, perogies, and baked beans, was enjoyed by all. At the conclusion of the event, Mayor Vance Badeway, City of Port Colborne, applauded the community’s efforts to begin to change the culture of safety in Port Colborne by joining under the umbrella of Safe Communities. Barry King, Safe Communities Canada, provided congratulations and further words of encouragement to our participants. Lori Kleinsmith and Tom Cartwright closed the day with final thank you acknowledgements and an invitation to all participants to consider joining the Leadership Table. 

Outcomes of the Morning

1. Vehicle

2. Intentional

3. Falls

4. Poisoning

5. Pedestrian

6. Exposure to (in) animate objects

7. Sports/Recreation

8. Scalds/Burns

Updated October 27, 2013