Committee Purpose: 

  • To coordinate awareness and education initiatives to effectively address issues related to prevention of falls, particularly with older adults. 


  • Rhonda Barron – Bridges Community Health Centre 

Current Members: 

  • Tom Lannan – City of Port Colborne, Community Services 
  • Wendy Robb – Niagara Health System, Port Colborne Site 
  • Celia AieIlo – Niagara Health System, Port Colborne Site 
  • Tyler McClellan – Northland Pointe 
  • Jack O’Neil – Niagara Gatekeepers/Friends Over 55 
  • Joy Misztal - Northland Pointe


  • Nancy Bodner – Elder Care Specialists/Falls Prevention Network 
  • Lori Kleinsmith – Port Colborne/Wainfleet Healthy Lifestyles Coalition 
  • Christina Bradley – Niagara Region Public Health 
  • Fran Hubley – Niagara Region Public Health 

Committee Project Objectives: 

1) To provide falls prevention information to the older adult population in Port Colborne 

2) To implement a “safety net” program in the apartment complexes in Port Colborne 

3) To work with existing partners in the community to coordinate and promote falls prevention and safety-related workshops and presentations 

Why start with older adults? The City of Port Colborne has amongst the highest percentage of older adults both in the Niagara region and the province of Ontario; through our priority setting exercise and closer examination of statistics, our older adults who are injured through falling have a much longer hospitilzation stay and a higher premature admission to extended care facilities.


Minutes from the meetings

Updated October 27, 2013