Vehicle Safety

Committee Purpose: 

  • To examine and implement initiatives to reduce vehicle related injuries 


  • Staff Sergeant Joe Garvey – Niagara Regional Police Service 

Current Members: 

  • Linda Beyer – Niagara Region Public Health, Niagara Region Road Safety Committee 
  • Nigel Evans – Port Colborne High School 
  • Natalie Zeitoun – Ontario Ministry of Transportation 
  • Marian Landry – Niagara Region Public Health 
  • Lori Recine – Lakeshore Catholic High School 


  • Petar Vujic – Region of Niagara 

  • Ron Hanson – City of Port Colborne 

Committee Project Objectives: 

1) To coordinate a series of safe driving messages and initiatives through a youth communication plan 
2) To coordinate a “Think of Me” Envelope Campaign 
3) To implement complementary strategies stemming from the results of two local road safety studies 
4) To coordinate a Spring Cycling Campaign

There is a need for comprehensive amd collaborative road safety initiatives spanning all ages based on local statistics from ED visits, police stats, complaints, etc. This sub-committee is well-positioned to make a strong impact.


Meeting minutes

Updated October 27, 2013